Motto was created in 2010 by good friends Tom Olcott and Henry Crosby as a fresh way to enjoy the time-honored benefits of matcha green tea.  It all began when Tom’s brother suggested he try matcha as a natural supplement to a healthy lifestyle.   “Matcha?” 

After some research, Tom discovered what many people have known for centuries: ground green tea leaves are exceptionally good for the human body.  He began to drink it daily in the traditional way: brewed with hot water and whisked into a vibrant green mixture.  One warm afternoon on Nantucket, Tom tried it cold, and found it very refreshing.  The next day he decided to mix matcha with other healthy ingredients.  There was honey and apple cider vinegar in the pantry, lemons on the counter, and sparkling water added a characteristic crispness.  Headed back to work, he was hardly out the door before he called Henry to share the idea that would become Motto.

During the following year, Henry and Tom met on Nantucket, in Boston, and in Portland, Maine to develop the recipe for Motto.  There were only two criteria: keep it healthy and make it tasty.  They spent their weekends and spare time testing many different combinations of ingredients, using matcha from one of the oldest family-owned tea cooperatives in Japan.  The final recipe ended up very close to where it all started, with simple, natural ingredients of the finest quality.  

Officially launched in 2012 on Nantucket and in Boston, Motto is the world’s first bottled matcha drink. We are a small company that is committed to bringing you Motto in a responsible and sustainable way.  We believe Motto provides something to live by: nourishment for mind and body.  

Find your Motto.  Drink for Life.




“Tea is a miraculous medicine for the maintenance of health.  Tea has an extraordinary power to prolong life.  Anywhere a person cultivates tea, long life will follow.”
-- Eisai Zenji, 1141-1215